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Cannabis Cherry Oil is made from the highest quality cannabis grown in Texas utilizing proven extraction techniques. Cherry oil is a cannabis based smoking oil made from non-decarboxylated cannabis and filtered through charcoal to remove the majority of chlorophyll from the plant material. Cherry oil can be vaporized, hot knifed, rolled in a joint or smoked in a pipe on a bed of ashes or herb. Cannabis Cherry oil has an intense THC concentration and a very subtle cherry flavor that will provide an experience unlike any other. 10 Grams Cannabis Cherry Oil .



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Buy Cannabis Cherry Oil online. 1 ml syringe of super potent THC oil. Based on current labs this syringe contains 626 mg of activated mind-altering drug.

DON’T ASSUME THIS BATCH OF OIL is that the SAME AS A PREVIOUS ORDER. Check your dosages each time you buy.

DOSE: ~687 mg of activated cannabinoids per milli litre (72% by weight) Total quantity of mind-altering drug in one milli litre syringe is 626 mg.

PROFILE: mind-altering drug dominant – 625.7 mg/ml activated mind-altering drug, 5.9 mg/ml CBD, 17.0 mg/ml CBG, 1.4 mg/ml CBN, 14.2 mg/ml complete blood count (other cannabinoids listed below).

Cannabis Cherry Oil for sale | Buy Cannabis Cherry Oil online
Samples submitted included: Cherry Oil THC Dominant

Notes: Analysis is based on mg/g; Activation occurs via heating (smoking, vaporizing, cooking). Processed materials (baked product, heated extracts) ought to be higher within the activated forms.

Absent Cannabinoids: if a cannabinoid or hydrocarbon is blank, it’s not essentially absent however below the limit of detection by the detector (usually but zero.01%). Cannabis Cherry Oil for sale online

Order Cannabis Cherry Oil online | Buy Cannabis Cherry Oil online .
1 ml syringe of super potent THC oil. Based on current labs this syringe contains 626 mg of activated THC.


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