Cannabis Oil vs Dried Flower – Dried Marijuana

Cannabis Oil vs Dried Flower - Dried Marijuana

Difference Between Cannabis Oil & Dried Marijuana Flower

There are a number of differences between cannabis oils and dried marijuana flowers, mainly being the way the two are used and the effects they have on the body. The form of ingestion is a key differentiating factor between cannabis oil and flower. Dried marijuana flowers are typically smoked while cannabis oil, with the exception of vaping, does not get inhaled. For those who prefer to steer clear of ingestion through the lungs, the oil format is a fitting path to take, as it can be taken in edible, pill or tincture format.

The lasting effects of smoking versus ingesting cannabis compounds also differ. When you smoke or vaporize marijuana, it tends to work immediately, letting you feel the effects faster. On the other hand, orally-administered cannabis has a much longer lasting effect because the body takes more time to process it through the digestive system. The type of medical condition you have will likely guide whether you want to smoke or vape cannabis or take it orally—it’s rapid relief vs relief over a longer period of time.

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